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The city ‚ÄėTomsk‚Äô was founded in the year 1604 and served as a stronghold, a center of the gold rush, a merchant‚Äôs city, and the center of a colossal province covering various regions of today‚Äôs Russia as well as Kazakhstan.

The foundation of the University took place in the year 1888. SSMU is the first University in the Asian part of Russia beyond the Urals transformed Tomsk dramatically. Tomsk is one of the old cities yet it is always young; its humming life is filled with talents, hopes, and youthful energy.

In Tomsk, 4 Universities are there within one and a half kilometers. None of the cities in the world can brag such close proximity to its higher educational institutions. Other than 4 Universities, there are 2 more Universities that are quite close by. Over 72,000 aspirants attend classes in Tomsk institutions for higher education. This indicates every eighth resident in Tomsk is a student.

Tomsk has many local cultural institutions that include a children’s theater, several drama theaters, and a puppet theater. The leading concert venues in the city include the Tomsk Palace of Sport and the Conservatory Concert Hall. Tomsk also has cultural centers committed to the German, Polish, and Tatar languages and culture.

One of the most exceptional features of Tomsk is its picturesque architecture, created by the hands of masters from Europe: Marfeld, Gut, and Orzeszko (Poland), Geste (Scotland), Gibert (France), Langer (Austria), Tatarchuh and Homich (also from Poland), and Turskiy (Germany). The cream of the crop of different genres, borrowed from Europe decorated the city of Tomsk. Tomsk architecture has always been its ‚Äúmust see!‚ÄĚ There is probably no one who is indifferent to the variety of Tomsk architectural styles. In Tomsk, you can find art nouveau, wooden architecture, classicism, baroque, eclecticism, and renaissance. Architects from all across the globe dreamed of ‚Äúconquering‚ÄĚ Tomsk, which was situated in the most eastern part of Western Siberia and possessed a tremendous cultural potential. They managed to create a ‚ÄúEuropean corner‚ÄĚ in a Russian provincial city that attracted scientists and gifted people from all across the world. Each and everyone had made a great impact on the history and culture of the city, making it up-to-date and expressive.

Why Join SSMU?

  1. SSMU is ranked in the top 3 Russian Medical Schools in the National University Rankings in the year 2016.
  2. Every year, SSMU offers medical education to more than 5,500 students from various parts of Russia and CIS region as well as many foreign countries such as Cyprus, Germany, Haiti, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Nigeria. The University can brag for over 80% academic faculty with academic degrees (375 MDs, DMedSci).
  3. SSMU provides an excellent educational environment for students who want to make their career in healthcare as doctors or scientists exploring clinical research as well as investigation.
  4. In Russia, SSMU is known to be one of the few Medical Universities with its own university Research Centers and Research Laboratories and Teaching Hospitals. The University is also known for its Anatomical Museums with unique collections, the largest Scientific Medical Library in Siberia and various other facilities.
  5. The graduates from SSMU are highly in demand all across the country. These graduates work in various regions of Russia, Belgium, Canada, CIS, France, Germany, Israel, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and the USA.
  6. SSMU provides many great opportunities for the students who want to enhance their student life with various activities. The students can participate in year-round recreation which includes various sport activities such as basketball, football, swimming in summer, skiing and skating in winter and tennis.
  7. A number of interest-based clubs and student organizations are available at the University: English Speaking Clubs, Student Scientific Society, Volunteer Clubs, etc.
  8. The students who pursue MBBS from SSMU are qualified to work all across the globe after clearing the National Medical Exam of that particular country.
  9. The MBBS degree attained by SSMU is recognized by WHO, MCI, USA, and other European Medical Councils.
  10. The feestructure of MBBS from SSMU is very affordable as compared to other countries.
  11. The medium of instruction in SSMU is English. This is a big advantage for international students.
  12. The students are provided with all favorable living conditions like sports areas and internet connections with all essential equipments, personal hygiene rooms, libraries, cloak rooms.
  13. Indian Mess is also available in SSMU keeping the due consideration to the hygiene factors.