Study at Siberian State Medical University & Get One Step Closer To Your Medical Dreams!!



“If you don’t go after what you want to achieve, you will never have it.”

About Siberian State Medical University:

Russia is always considered as an epic brand country for medical studies worldwide and getting in Siberian State Medical University will lead you to one step closer to your dreams. 

Siberian State Medical University (SSMU) has everything for which you are looking for, whether you have an interest in building up your career in healthcare as a doctor/physician or as a scientist who has a keen interest in exploring clinical investigations and research; SSMU has everything for its students.

SSMU tops the chart and is among the top three Russian Medical Schools. Every year more than 5,000 students from 55 regions of the Russian Federation and 28 overseas countries enroll in SSMU to achieve their medical degree. The University offers the best medical, educational, along with scientific complexes in Russia for the training of healthcare experts in different fields including histology, internal medicine, microbiology, pediatrics, pathology, pharmacology, surgery, etc. 

Apart from these features, the fee structure of MBBS provided at SSMU is very affordable when compared to other countries and the degree of MBBS attained by SSMU is acknowledged and accepted by WHO,     MCI, USA, and other European Medical Councils. All the students who pursue MBBS from SSMU are certified to work all across the world after clearing the National Medical Exam of that specific country. One of the biggest advantages for all the international students is that the medium of instructions in SSMU is English.  

Programs offered at Siberian State Medical University:

The medical and graduate programs offered by Siberian State Medical University ranked among the top all across the world and our academic faculty, scientists, and healthcare professionals are considered the best experts in their respective fields.  

1.    Undergraduate Programs:

‘The Department of General Medicine’ is one of the oldest departments of Siberian State Medical University. There are 29 theoretical and clinical divisions in this department, making this department as one of the largest departments at SSMU. The course duration is of 6 years. 

The initial 3 years majorly focuses on various theoretical subjects such as medical physics, biology, human anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, histology, microbiology, pathology, social sciences, and foreign and Latin languages. In the remaining 3 years, all the students are provided with comprehensive clinical training in various fields including surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, public health and prevention. 

2.    Post-Graduate Programs:

Under Post-Graduate Programs, the faculty at SSMU offers 3 courses to advance the level of expertise in every direction for training specialists and professionals in various Departments such as Cardiology, pharmacy, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, and Gynecology, etc. The three courses are:

  1. Advanced Medical Specialization Training (4-6 months)
  2. Continuing Medical Education (1-2 months)
  3. Short-term Intensive Seminars (2 weeks)

Refreshment and Training courses are conducted in the mentioned below specialties:

  1. Urology
  2. Neuroscience
  3. Endocrinology
  4. Ophthalmology
  5. Medical Genetics
  6. Public Health and Health Care
  7. Radio-diagnosis and Radiotherapy
  8. Medical and Biological Cybernetics

All classes are conducted under highly qualified and experienced teachers. The boards of teachers are comprised of doctors, professors, associate professors, and candidates of medical sciences. On the completion of the programs, the students are recognized with a standard form of documents such as Professional Certificates, Certificates of Vocational Retraining, and Certificates of Advanced Training.

The most significant feature of SSMU is that it allows comprehensive clinical rotations which comprise of student-patient experience in all the practical classes. This feature of the university offers students an extensive opportunity to be well-skilled in all the modern diagnostics and treatment approaches. 

3.    Language Courses:

  1. Medical English
  2. General English
  3. English for Scientists
  4. English for Global Education

Student’s Life:

There are certain factors about SSMU which persuade parents to send their children to Russia to join SSMU for their higher education. One of the major factors is that the teaching methods along with other equipment and technology adopted by Siberia State Medical University are of exceptionally high standards and thus helps in furnishing students to get fit for pursuing a career in any country of the world.

At Siberia State Medical University every student has a way to develop their talents! The university has a lot of interest-based clubs and multiple student organizations such as Student Scientific Society, English Speaking Club, Volunteer Clubs, and much more available for every student. 

The university has Year-Round Recreation Program which includes various sports activities such as basketball, football, skiing and skating during the winter season, and swimming in the summer season.

Every student is provided with all favorable living conditions such as sports areas and an internet connection with all the basic equipment, personal hygiene rooms, libraries, and cloakrooms.  

Students not only enjoy a great and productive student life inside the university campus but also outside the university premises, majorly in the cities of Russia.