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Medical Faculty

The Medical Faculty is the oldest faculty of Siberian State Medical University with over a century of history. The Scientific Schools of SSMU are recognized all across the world. The Medical Faculty comprises of 28 departments that yearly generate over 100 exceptional doctors.

The faculty has over 400 employees. The teaching staff are the leading medical practitioners with degrees of candidates and doctors of science, academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the experts of Scientific Research Institutes. Day in day out, they save the lives of patients in the University Hospitals and Medical Institutions of the Tomsk region.

At present, Medical Faculty is not only the leader in the SSMU, but also the largest among the faculties of all the Universities in Tomsk considering the number of doctors, candidates of sciences, members of state academies and departments. The faculty has 2 unique and most prestigious clinical specialties. These are Medical Business and Dentistry which are taught in SSMU.

Ever since then, the faculty has prepared more than 20,000 doctors from all across the globe. The graduates from SSMU work in all regions of Russia, the CIS republics, in over 30 countries such as Germany, Norway, Israel, USA, Canada, Australia, etc and accomplish high results.

Pediatrics Faculty

The faculty of Pediatrics came into its existence in the year 1944. For over 70 years, SSMU has trained around 11,000 professionals

The faculty has its own children’s clinic as well as the department which is located at the base of major institutions such as the Regional Perinatal Center and Regional Children’s Hospital. The graduates from SSMU successfully work in healthcare Institutions, Clinical Centers and Medical Schools in all regions of Russia, CIS as well as in abroad. Significantly, the pediatric faculty aims at working with children so that there is always a special spirit in the faculty. A small section of students allow you to arrange the educational process in many ways independently. This enriches in better learning of theoretical knowledge, as well as the successful development of practical skills.

The Faculty of Pediatrics of SSMU was opened in the year 1944. For more than 70 years of history here were trained about 11 000 experts, who are daily in children’s clinics, hospitals, maternity hospitals and perinatal centers save thousands of children’s lives, conduct transactions and advice to their young patients and their parents. The Pediatrician is the most responsible and challenging profession in the field of doctor. This is so because to approach a child, the only person who can handle a child is who is caring and affable. Pediatrician is committed for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in children as well as adolescents right from birth till 18 years.

Pharmacy Faculty

The Departments of Pharmacy Faculty is majorly based on practical training. Astrafarm is one of the oldest pharmacies in Governorate Tomsk regional pharmacy warehouse. During the course, the students have a great opportunity to develop and produce a pilot batch of pharmaceutical products in the center of SSMU introduction of technology where today 3 clinical trials of the drug, developed at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Most students receive the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the scholarship, the group “Farmkontrakt” companies. This is known to be the largest pharmaceutical holding company in Russia, as well as companies “Takeda” and “Materia Medica”, and graduates have the opportunity to enter the Russian pharmaceutical personnel reserve.

The Faculty of Pharmacy was commenced in 1941 at Siberian State Medical University. Currently, it is the leading center for training pharmacists in Russia. Over 8,000 specialists have graduated at SSMU.  Among these graduates, there are 200 doctors and candidates of sciences. The geography students represented regions from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. Pharmacy Faculty provides qualified personnel not only to pharmacies, and pharmaceutical industry enterprises, but also to open later specialized departments in other universities of Siberia in Kemerovo, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk. Yearly, SSMU produces over 200 faculty staff.

Biological Faculty

Medical Biochemistry analyses the chemical processes in the human body that demonstrate all the aspects of human life. The faculty is the basis for the development of new areas of medical science. Along with access to fundamental knowledge, the students adept the most advanced approaches of biochemical research. In Russia, there is a high demand of Doctors biochemists who work in practical public health physicians in clinical laboratory diagnostics, virologists, geneticists, heads of clinical and  biochemical laboratories, and doctors of Forensic Medicine. The alumni from SSMU work at the Institute for Vanderbilt, Human Gene Therapy, Harvard, the Institute of Biochemistry at the Max Planck in Germany, Stanford University in the US, etc.

The Biological Faculty was introduced in the year 1975. The faculty is the only one in the Urals for the training of biological as well as medical fields and personnel for research institutes of medical fields. Training includes a amalgamation of scientific disciplines fundamental to clinical medicine. The faculty trains professional scientists. In fact, every fifth graduate from this faculty is either a doctor or a PhD. A unique component of the training is to a manifold of independent work, the importance on the scientific activities of students, and they receive practical skills of researchers. Having fundamental training, our graduates have a unique experience, ability, and knowledge to implement them in practical healthcare.

After graduation, the students can enter a PhD programme. They work as research collaborators with university professors, research institutes, and in practical public health by functional, laboratory, ultrasound and radiotherapy diagnostics physicians. Our graduates work not only in all parts of Russia but in their specialties in the CIS countries, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, South Korea, Sweden, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, the USA, etc.

Behavioral Medicine And Management Faculty

Behavioral Medicine and Management Faculty was introduced on 1 March, 2013 by bringing together three previously existing faculties – Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and Social Work; Economy and Management in Public Health Services; and Higher Nursing Education.

The graduates from SSMU are the leading specialists in the field of health authorities, medical and social expertise, and leaders of the MLA Fund in Roszdravnadzor Tomsk region. The students studying under this faculty are the leaders in the healthcare organization, marketing, management, business planning, and master the latest information technology. The faculty involves training in  various healthcare facilities like healthcare quality management, the legal regulation in the healthcare, organization, logistics and economy of general medical practitioner. Graduates are prepared for professional work to ensure effective management of the economy in the enterprise social sphere, taking into account the specific of the industry, to work in research and teaching positions in the organs of state and local government. These graduates of the faculty are the promising leaders of medical organizations, executives of insurance companies, deputy chief medical officer for the economy, manager economists enterprises of health and social protection.

This faculty is known to be the youngest yet fastest growing faculty of SSMU in Tomsk, Russia. The educational process is provided by the best specialists in the region with a lot of experience in healthcare. The graduates are the leading scientists. SSMU has a strong clinical base. In the educational process, SSMU has introduced modern interactive teaching methods such as case studies, training, master classes by leading experts, practical development techniques, etc.