Research and Innovations

Research and Innovations

International Collaboration

Research is one of the prime focus points in Siberian State Medical University. College Research Centers and Labs are fully equipped with modern technologies. Advancements in medical field are always taken care of. Different logical tasks are done for propelling essential comprehension of nature, clinical pharmaceutical and mental wellbeing. From Immunobiology and Bioengineering to Molecular diagnostics the examination endeavors of the University traverse a wide field of subjects. This gives expansiveness of skill and brilliance in a medicinal field.

Research Centers

Siberian State Medical University comprises of Research Centers which is a great academic unit that stimulates excellence through its research. The Research Centers advance the application of modern methods to conduct academic as well as clinical research of the top-notch quality and aims at building an integrated system of Research and Innovation with the help of scientists from all across the globe.

The Research Centers train highly-qualified professionals in leading areas of medical science, technology and engineering in the Russian Federation.

Siberian State Medical University accommodates a large number of research centers in the following course of study:

  1. Molecular Medicine
  2. Innovative Technologies in Morphology
  3. Pharmacy and Pharmacology (Pharmaceuticals)
  4. Biocompatible Materials and Bioengineering
  5. Laser Technologies in Medical Diagnostics
  6. Experimental and Clinical Immunology
  7. Research Center of Evidence-based Medicine

Research Labs

Siberian State Medical University Research Laboratories put together scientists and students conduct medical research in various fields. The concept is based on providing infrastructure for effective cooperation to implement a wide range of scientific projects.

SSMU laboratories conduct regular scientific seminar series to stimulate the exchange of ideas and recent results. Taking part in these seminar series is an excellent opportunity for undergraduates as well as graduates to get involved in laboratory research, get experience and start a career in medical research.

Explore the Siberian State Medical University Research Laboratories:

  1. Laboratory of Clinical and Experimental Pathophysiology
  2. Laboratory of Histological, Immunohistochemical and Electron Microscopy Methods
  3. Plant Biology Lab
  4. Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology
  5. Laboratory of Processing of Biomedical Information
  6. Laboratory of Biological Modeling
  7. Laboratory of Electrosurgery